This Collection of Best Practices, Resources and Template Documents is listed in the order of the Canadian Land Trust Standards & Practices

These sample documents and templates were selected from the original collection provided in the LTABC's Land Trust Best Practices, Resources and Template Documents 2005 CD. Additional new samples were supplied by members of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia in 2007-8. However the original CD collection should be referred to and kept as an additional resource because it includes many more sample documents sorted in a straight forward order and includes a search tool.

Successful land conservation has resulted in the public, government and private agencies requiring assurances that land trust's practices conform to professional standards that they can rely on. Thus, this collection is catalogued according to the most recent versions of the updated Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices, (2007).


Note that the sources of most of the documents are plainly identified within it. We have sought permission from any outside sources, and thank all those who generously provided their work for others to use and share. We hope that further editions of this collection will be available based on continued input of template documents and research from our members and associated organizations. We appreciate the numerous authors and organizations that provided these samples, originally in 2004-5, and again in 2007-8. We invite users to contact info@landtrustalliance.bc.ca with additional samples or revisions. One free registration at the LTABC annual Seminar Series will be provided to a land trust that submits a substantial number of documents for inclusion within a calendar year.


S & P Assessment - An LTA BC Guide to Self Assessment - 2010

This Assessment Tool is linked to several associated tools to help land trusts assess, update, and find associated laws, sample documents and policies that you can use to work toward full compliance with the Canadian Land Trust Standards & Practices.

This web-based assessment tool links to the following:

Each Standard - the text with

  1. The Laws Associated with the Practice (link)
  2. The Practices Associated with the Standard (link)
  3. The Background Associated with the Practice (link)
  4. The sample documents from the BP collection (links)
  5. An example policy (ies) associated with the Practice (provided by a pilot land trust)
  6. Web-based worksheets that land trust staff and board members can use (in a passcode protected area) to review, assess, record actions and notes, and attach your related policies to help you self-assess your land trust. This allows each land trust to maintain a protected record of your policies, track the last time you have updated or reviewed this practice, and report on further actions needed to comply with the Standards & Practices. The Worksheet consists of:
    1. CLTA's assessment questions
    2. Additional assessment questions from BC Land Trusts
    3. Priority
    4. Ours/ or Recommended other associated Land Trust Policy
    5. Date of Last Review/ Update
    6. Comments or Further Actions to be Taken by Lead
    7. Assessment Ranking: 1 - not compliant, 2 - we have some of this but need to update, add more policy/planning 3 - we are compliant 4 - exemplary area - we are willing to share our policies/practices or can train on this
  7. G. Summary Report - which provides a summary of the practices and their associated priority, action to follow up, lead person and further notes


The BC Assessment Tool was a 2009-10 project carried out with the collaboration of LTABC staff Sheila Harrington and the following Pilot land trusts: Adam Taylor - Habitat Acquisition Trust, Kathleen Sheppard - The Land Conservancy of BC, Erin Ward and Jodie Krakowski Cowichan Land Trust, Lisa Fox Abbotsford Community Land Trust, Hugh Westheuser Central Okanagan Land Trust, and Ben VanDrimmelen on the board of LTABC.

We would like to thank the numerous land trusts, individuals and other organizations that gave us permission to use their documents and publications for this project.

Funding for this project was generously provided by: The Real Estate Foundation of BC, The Vancouver Foundation, Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service, and The Bullitt Foundation.

All of the documents found on the Best Practices Document Templates collection were recommended by LTABC members and were reviewed by a committee to determine relevance to land trust activities. The committee included:

  • Dr. Kathy Dunster - RPBio, Landscape Architect and former Board member of the Islands Trust Fund, Councilor of LTABC
  • Karen Hudson - former Salt Spring Island Conservancy, Executive Director, Councilor of LTABC
  • Kathleen Sheppard - The Land Conservancy of BC, Councilor of LTABC
  • Bill Wagner - North Okanagan Parks & Wildlife Trust, Councilor of LTABC
  • Kate Emmings - Islands Trust Fund, Councilor of LTABC
  • Hugh Westheuser - Central Okanagan Parks & Wildlife Trust, LTABC
  • Sheila Harrington - LTA Land Trust Alliance of BC, Executive Director
  • Ryan Durand - LTA Land Trust Alliance of BC

Limitation of Liability and User's Responsibility

All information in this Collection is provided "as is" and no representations, warranties or conditions, either expressed or implied, are made in connection with the use of, or reliance upon, this information. Legislative, tax and other information changes over time, and thus the user is advised in all cases to seek legal and financial advice independently. Much of this information has been reproduced with permission from other sources; its accuracy and completeness is not guaranteed. It is provided to you as the user entirely at your own risk.